Directed by André Stringer
Written by André Stringer & Matt D'elia
Story by  André Stringer & Julian King
Additional Writing by Claire Rose Bernard


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The Attaché joins troubled lovebirds Rian and Liz on a scenic hike as it is interrupted by a shocking, fiery plane crash. Without a cell signal to call for help, they rush to the aid of the lone living passenger. The discovery of an alluring briefcase amid the rubble drives the wedge between them even further, deepening the existing cracks in their relationship until it goes pop. Rian and Liz may not make it out alive, but the case lives on, giving those who discover it a chance of their own to succumb to the strange spell of the mysterious attaché.


Rian played by Iddo Goldberg
Liz played by Alex Essoe
The Passenger played by Hakeem Kae
The Sherriff played by Brad Potts
The Deputy played by Mark Mullaney
Denver played by Ryan Culver
The Grandmother played by Becky Brown
The Toddler played by Adrix Phelan & Victor Bogar


Produced by Dennis Beier and André Stringer
Photographed by John Lynch
Production Designed by Quito Cooksey
Casting by Brendon Henry Rodriguez
Costumes by Thom Murray
First Assistant Direction by Matt Marlin
2nd Unit Directed by Julian King
Production Supervised by Amanda Curtis
Stunts Directed by Vladimir Tevlovski
Camera Op & Add'l Cinematography by Eric Ulbrich
Drone Piloted by Aaron Cohan
1st A.C. by Marc Reid
2nd A.C. by Tanner Stauss
Data'd by Cassidy Gearhart & Chance Foreman
Gaffer by Bobby Wotherspoon
Best Boy Electric by Josh Day
Driver/Electric by Juan Barr
Electric by Robert Wotherspoon Jr
Key Grip by Manny Duran
Best Boy Grip by Eddie Gutierrez
Special FX by Josh Hakian (CineFX)
Art Directed by Denis Young
Hair Styled by Christina Culinski
FX Make-up by Peggy Wright
Sound Mixer / Boom Operated by Mike Robertson
Sound Mixer / Boom Operated by Leo Nasca
VTR by Jarrod Butler & Kohl Baas
Motorhome Driven by Bob Senter
Director Assisted by Roger Rilling
Prod. Assisted by  Frank Jimenz
Prod. Assisted by  Robert Gillard
Prod. Assisted by J.W.
Snake Wrangled by Fess Reynolds
School Taught by Chavonne Long
Storyboards by Tomasz Kossak
Health by Medic On Wheels


Edited by Mischa Meyer & André Stringer
Color Grade by Aubrey Woodiwiss
Color Produced by Matthew McManus
Color Assistance by Briana Brackett

Music and Sound Mixing by Gavin Little
Sound Design by Joe McHugh & Gavin Little


Visual Effects by Digital Domain 3.0
VFX Supervision by Richard S. Morton
VFX Production by Kenji Lee
VFX Supervision by Seadog Tso &
Kenzie Chen

VFX Coordination by Sandirena Xiao

Digital Artists:
Jay Sun
Jia Hong Tang
Kai Lin
Lin Zong Li
Lizzy Chen
Mash Wang
Will Yang
Ying Zhang

Rigging Supervision by David Corral
Characters Rigged by Kelly Wang & Ken Yu
Animated by Hung-Chun Lin & Steven Chen
CFX Department Supervised by Jimmy Gordon
FX Artists:
Cookie Zhang
Linda Ma
Pai Tang
Yu Xia

Allen Yang
Carole Wu
Shao Min Lo
Ting Ting Fan
Tzu-Chun Zhang
Pipeline Directed by Isaac Tian & Zhen Liu

Matte Paintings by André Stringer


Digital Domain
Carbon VFX